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Global Runway

Project type

Fashion Presentation


Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal

Creating the visual brand of a fashion event takes time and effort. Combining Atlanta style and fashion industry elegance while developing something unique and exciting for a retail marketing event takes a lot of creativity and research.

The start of many iconic brands is a simple sketch. We used this as the base of the look. As a vector graphic, the sketch can adapt to any season, future event, or spin-off. Plus, it can stand independently in many applications surrounding the event, like wayfinding and décor.

The brand's palette had to be simple to allow the partner brands to shine. White, black, grey, and ATL's PMS 200 red decorated the first two event color palettes. The logo is clean, san-serif text with minor changes to a few letters and a play on baselines. We used one font family, Visby CF, throughout all applications, including videos, which kept everything cohesive and visually related no matter where a guest looked.

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