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OneATL Tracks

Project type

Workbook, Powerpoint and Training Video

The challenge was to take an outdated PowerPoint deck from 2003 that had been Frankensteined beyond comprehension, plus its smattering of handouts, and turn them into a visually impactful, cohesive training curriculum for the 63,000 employees at the world's busiest passenger airport.

OneATL Tracks: Customer Service Training is a 4-6 hour course offered to any company, vendor, concession, or airline working at ATL Airport. The guest relations manager and I reorganized, visualized, updated, revised, and contextualized the content into a 4-part class that flows with visual meaning and keeps students engaged and responsive.

In addition to the student manual and PowerPoint presentation, we created a video to visualize an essential component of the class.

My role in the project included creating the visual branding, designing and illustrating the manual, designing and animating the PowerPoint deck, and script work, previsualization, and production assistance on the video.

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