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J-rock Desktop Wallpaper

Updated: Dec 22, 2018

You know what inspires me? Music.

I love listening, dancing and singing to music. It brings me joy. Japanese rock artists have inspired me to do more than simply listen to them. They have a look, a style about them that begs to be recreated. For many years, photoshoping photos of my favorite acts into desktop wallpaper was a full blown hobby. It is a chance to do whatever, how ever I wanted. To practice techniques and designs. Hone my skills. No rules just create.

Here are a few "wallys" of the visual-kei rock band D. My favorite member is Hiroki, the drummer. I have a great many more of him I could share.

These were made in Photoshop. At the time I was making them, I didn't think of it as honing my skills. I was just making something for my own enjoyment and sharing it in the fandom community on Live Journal back when that was popular. It's funny how something like that comes back for use in your job when you are in graphic design.

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