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Moving Events to Digital

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

ATL Skypointe Restaurant Week

In the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown, new and innovative ideas replaced our traditional in-person, on-site events. The inaugural ATL Skypointe Restaurant Week replaced our popular Taste of Hartsfield-Jackson. The aim was to increase public awareness of ATL Airport’s food & beverage options. We urged passengers to arrive early to dine on-site. To maximize an increased traffic opportunity, we launched the event during 2020’s Thanksgiving holiday week via multi-themed days for appealing to multiple segments of travelers.

The major components of this event were pre-recorded chef demos, foodie

social media influencers, on-site chef interviews, TikTok inspired 10-second videos, and 30-second promotional videos based and launched around themed days.

As usual, I was tasked with developing a brand for the event as well as designing the marketing collateral (printed signs, digital graphics, emails. etc.). This project stretched my video editing skills as I was tasked with editing the 10-second TikTok videos. Honestly, I was excited to use these skills as I usually don't get the chance to.

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