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Examples of My Work


Destination Skypointe Magazine

Why make a brochure/directory when you can make a magazine? The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Concessions Program needed a physical brochure to inform and direct passengers to the retail and dining locations. By creating a magazine we were able to not only inform and direct but excite with stories and interviews of celebrity ambassadors and social media influencers. Add special event coverages, restaurant reviews, and layover itineraries in the mix to create a must-read book. I contributed creative direction in the photoshoots, story concepts, and designed the layout of the book.


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With years of hands-on experience in licensed consumer product development, your promotional item, packaging, or retail product design is in expert hands. 


From ideation to strategy and execution, I can help you navigate the ever-changing social media waters. With Tik-Tok videos, IG stories, Facebook, and Twitter integrations we can reach your audience and grow it into a thriving community



The ATL WOW Awards is a customer service celebration the ATL Airport holds for its stakeholders. Last year we rebranded the program, introducing bright, bold, exciting colors and theming. The luncheon was attended by 900 customer-facing airport employees and their managers. To market the event without a central online presence to contact them, we had to get grassroots. We posted floor stands in Airport areas frequented, sent flyers through the stakeholder email list, and attended general meetings to inform their leadership. For the event, I created the stage decor, the program, on-screen PowerPoint, and edited videos. Additionally, I directed the onsite production, orchestrating video cameras, sound, and stage manager. I also produced the awards, general gifts, and collateral.


Global Runway

Although I worked on many aspects of this project, I want to focus on the brand development of the Global Runway Event. Creating the visual brand of a fashion event is tricky. Combining Atlanta style and fashion industry elegance while developing something unique and exciting takes a lot of creativity and research. The start of many iconic brands is a simple sketch. We used this as the base of the look. As a vector graphic, the sketch has the flexibility to adapt to any season, future event, or spin-off. Plus, it can stand on its own in many applications surrounding the event like wayfinding and decor.

The palette of the brand had to be simple to allow the partner brands to shine.  White, black, grey, and ATL's PMS 200 red decorated the first two event color palettes. The logo is clean san-serif text with minor changes to a few letters and a play on baselines. We used one font family, VisbyCF, throughout all applications, including videos, which kept everything cohesive and visually related no matter where a guest looked. 

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