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Brochure taken to new heights

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

At last! I had the chance to work on a project that flexes my creative muscle better than most. ATL Skypointe needed a directory--a brochure--for all intents and purposes. My team evolved it into Destination Skypointe, an Atlanta lifestyle magazine featuring brands in the ATL Skypointe experience.

Hands down, this was my favorite project this year. This project allowed me to work in all my favorite tools. From photography direction to layout, from color story to font selection. I was also involved in brainstorm sessions for articles and features. Spitting story ideas and imagery with the editorial staff brought a team synergy which is evident on the page. I was able to understand the messages and themes in the copy before it was written. It gave me a chance to research inspiration for page designs to help create a cohesive book.

So inspirations... The fonts and the way they are used were inspired by Vogue. The page layouts were inspired by multiple fashion, foodie, and lifestyle magazines. The featured story's photography was inspired by Vanity Fair, In using these sources for inspiration we elevated the book from a simple brochure to a complete magazine from a visual perspective.

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