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Class Reunion Program, Magazine Style

So a few years back my mom asked me to help her with her class reunion program. Honestly, when she asked I was super excited to work on it. She asked for something modern and colorful. I think we accomplished it.

It has all the normal things -- run of show, event schedule, class messages, list of students, committee members and memorable photos. The best thing is that mom found an article about the founding of Mary E. Graham High School and received permission to run it. This sparked the idea of turning it into a magazine.

The colors were inspired by the class colors and chalkboards. For the photos, class members sent in what they had and we scanned what we could from a few year books. Those took a little photoshopping. Heck, the cover shot of the school in the 60's needed a lot of correction. This labor of love was a bit intense but the photos speak for themselves.

I was happy to work on it for my mom but the most rewarding part was learning about the history of the place my mother was educated and the people who surrounded her life who helped shaped the person she became.

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