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Designing for Lawyers is educational

About 10 years ago I was working part time for a patent lawyer as his assistant, I needed the extra cash and it didn't interfere with any other design work I came across. Cool thing was that some times I was able to do a little design on his projects. He was the president of the National Association for Patent Practitioners (NAPP). Annually, NAPP hosted a continuing education course and member meeting. In the 4 years I worked with him I was able to work on all of the promotional materials and event documents.

The first time he asked me to help him I was confident I could do it. I had worked on these items separately in the past. But this was going to be my first time branding an entire event. By the second annual meeting I had his brand fully defined.

Looking back on the design I see my naivete and vision. Its a little embarrassing, but it is good to see where you started to know how far you have come.

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